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Managing risks for LGBTI staff better


Dear all, I am looking to adjust my organisation's risk management to be more inclusive of LGBTI staff. I have a few practical ideas and received a handful of recommendations but I could really do with more best practice, worst practice, lessons learned, and those to learn. Since we seem to be only waking up to this topic and, all things considered, especially the delicacy of the personal situation, it's tricky to approach or find people with practical experience, any ideas would be appreciated. Anyone with practical ideas, advice, guidelines? Thanks!

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Dear Nora,

It's good to hear that you are working to make your organisation's risk management procedures more inclusive.

A resource that I often use when looking at mainstreaming gender into security frameworks and security risk management in the EISF Briefing paper on Gender and Security. If you haven't heard of of it, it's divided into two parts. The first goes through concepts and theory revolving gender and security whereas the second part offers pragmatic tools on conducting a gendered risk analysis and gender-specific security rick mitigation as well as guidelines on GBV issues.

The briefing can be found on the following link:

Further to that EISF also have links to several news items and documents on gender and security which could be found on the link below:

I hope this is helpful and if possible please share any documents or case studies that you may have come across on this theme.

Kind regards,

Mike Gonzalez,

RedR Security Training Coordinator


Thanks! That was helpful indeed. I will get back to you if I get and/or developm more. Nora

Nora gravatar imageNora ( 2016-05-12 14:22:56 )

Dear Nora

I see that you've not had much response on the Knowledge Point website to your question, so I'm passing it on directly to our RedR KP experts. In the meantime, please let us know if you are still having a problem or if you have found a solution elsewhere.

Kind regards, Leigh

LC Jones RedR-UK Knowledge Point Administrator