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Security advice for Pakistan


Brief project / assignment description: Health Project in the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area) of the NWFP (North-West Frontier Province) of Pakistan -- on the border with Afghanistan. Key organisations involved: 1/. Merlin as a sub-contracting NGO 2/. CHF - (US NGO, 'Community, Housing, Finance') as the lead partner Full details of technical support request: We want some overall advise on security: both risk management and operational security, including what measures to take -- and help costing them out for our budget.



2 Answers

Asfandeyar Niazi


Hello as mentioned by the RedR contributor, it is not wise to give general off the fly advice about hostile environments like KP / NWFP easily. My advice for you would be the following:

  1. Speak to your local UNDSS POC : (92 51) 8255600

  2. Speak to RedR as they have an office in Islamabad that provides training in Safety/Security, Personal Safety, Driver Safety etc...

  3. Merlin is a member of the PHF: Pakistan Humanitarian Forum which has a unit that deals with safety and security very similar to how ANSO functions in Afghanistan, in so much that they analyse and disseminate safety and security reports and give general advice.

The phone number for the PHF is +92 (51) 2111614-5 and you can reach them via email on

Hope this helps you.


Thank you for your service enquiry. We do not give email support to security questions from Technical Support Services because of the difficulty of giving advice on something so specific and risk-oriented. We suggest that you get support from your and CHF's HQ or regional security advisors. We would also recommend you talk to the local UNDSS security officer as a minimum and network with other agencies working in the region.

We can provide more detailed support through our Consultancy Service, providing tailored training and advice in: • safety and security management • personal security • security consultancy – risk assessments, security audits, security management reviews • crisis management training and simulations