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asistance with design build of a clinic shade in DRC Africa

I am tasked with building the site for a new 1st line clinic in rural Kabare District of Sud Kivu. The clinic is contained within a 40ft container which sits upon a concrete slab. The container is oriented on a North-South Axis. The waiting area for the clinic is to the west of the clinic with a space of approximately 4.3 meters to a 2 meter high wall that demarks the edge of the road. I want to design a tension fabric structure to cantilever over the waiting area, protect the roof of the container (and the 500 ltr water tank on the roof), and shade the windows on the east side of the container from the pre-noon sun.

Our container is a typical 8 foot wide, 9' 5" tall and 40 ft long. Prevailing winds for the site are East to West.

Posted on behalf of Matt Spector by Pauline at REDR