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Biodigester design for cow farm

Rémi Kaupp
related country: Brazil

Hello. I am looking for info (design / costs) on biodigesters for a small rural enterprise: a small cow farm also producing cheese. The objective would be both to treat animal faeces, produce compost, but also to produce gas, with two options: using gas for converted petrol engines (quite common in rural Brazil), or production of hot water and steam for cheese production. Would you know of existing experiences / designs? Thank you!

3 Answers

Rob Cartridge
Practical Action

Hi Remi

I am no expert but you can find a useful manual on biogas here:-

And Practical Answers has a whole directory of case studies etc that might be helpful?

Good luck



Thank you!

Rémi Kaupp gravatar imageRémi Kaupp ( 2018-02-06 15:32:36 )