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Coconut oil Processing

Neil Noble
related country: Somalia
related country: Somalia

Mr. Spainfay in Norway Has family connections with farmers in Somalia who would benefit from processing coconut oil better than existing practices that result in dirty oil. He estimates about 1 tonne to 2 tonnes a day. Labour for around 10 – 20 people

What can be done?

He is also interested in sesame oil production and in the potential market

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Regarding your Inquiry on Coconut oil Processing

Dear Mr.Spainfay,

I am Ashan Hettiarachchi, Marketing Officer of Practical Answers Sri Lanka, following inquiry of yours has been forwarded to us by our UK office.

So, in order to give you a better and effective answer, I would like to know more details regarding your inquiry. Therefore, can you please clarify on below points, • What is your current coconut oil processing method • What is the average cost you incur per 1kg of processed oil (please mention in GBP) • If you are looking for machinery, please let us know what are the expected use of them I hope you would provide us the relevant information quickly as possible for us to cater your need.

Thank you


Ashan Hettiarachchi Marketing Officer Practical Answers - Sri Lanka

Neil Noble

Dear Mr Spainfay, Just to add to the email you received from Ash Hettiarachchi from the Practical Action Sri Lanka office who I contacted as I thought Sri Lanka would have good information on the subject. And I also guess that most of the small-scale equipment available will be from Asia, either Sri Lanka or India I was looking for suitable processing equipment that would suit your needs and in additional question related to equipment is what energy source do you have? Most equipment will be electrically powered although there are is some equipment that is manually powered either with a foot treadle or by hand. Would these be most suitable to your needs?

If it is ok with you I can also post this question on KnowledgePoint to see if there are any other contributions from other organisations, It would be on a website page in the public domain but would help us gather information from a broad group of sources.

For example:

Dept of Agriculture, Chemistry & Food Science Visayas State College of Agriculture Baybay, Leyte 7127-A Philippines Pedal-Operated Coconut Grater - This portable grater can be operated by two people. The rotary blades (which are detachable), are mounted onto a bicycle. While one operator presses half of the coconut against the blades, the other turns the pedals. The grater blades can be substituted for slicing, milling, shelling and winnowing operations.

Visayas State College Of Agriculture 8 Lourdes St Pasay City 3129 Philippines Root Crop Grater/Pulverizer - This machine is used to produce grated root crops for processing to various food products. The pulverizer can use either pedal or motor power. There is an easy-to-clean grating drum, power transmission hopper and an aluminum trough. Throughput: 50kg per hour.

TinyTech is a company that Practical Action used many years ago in Zimbabwe for sunflower oil extraction but produce a wide range of equipment including oil expellers

TinyTech Plants Tagore Road Rajkot - 360 002 India Tel: +91 281 2480166, 2468485, 2431086 Fax: +91 281 2467552 Email: Website: • Oil expellers • Copra Cutter-Cuts and breaks coconut balls into small pieces of 12mm or less. Capacity 150 kg/hour Power Electric

And a few other promising suppliers include….

Coconut Development Board Govt. of India Kera Bhavan Kochin - 682 011 India Tel: 0484 369248/362237 Fax: 0484 371902 Email: • Oil expeller Bridge Press - This machine is used for extracting oil from coconuts. Height of cage - 40cm; diameter of cage - 24.2cm. Capacity 200 coconuts in 8 hours. Power Manual

Henan New Elephants Machinery Co., Ltd. China • 2013 Best Sale Small Oil Press Coconut Machine 6YL Series
• Hot sell in Africa Sesame/Rapeseed/Beans Cold pressed Oil Press Machine

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Noble Practical Answers Coordinator / Technical Advisor Twitter @PracticalAnswer

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