Installation of micro hydro turbines

Ahana Shrestha
Practical Action
related country: India
related country: India

Is it feasible to install micro-hydro turbines (with-in 1kW) inside an industrial area? The current system installed has the parameters of: Diameter of the pipe-60 Centimeter, Flow in the pipe-1500 litres/minute (continuous flow throughout the year, Head-3 to 4 Meters, Pressure-1.5kg.

I am seeking advice on behalf of the enquirer below: Original enquiry: “I am from India and wanted to know about the feasibility of installation of micro hydro turbines (with-in 1kW) inside an industrial area. We have a system where the following are the parameters.

1)Diameter of the pipe-60 Centimeter 2)Flow in the pipe-1500 litres/minute(continuous flow throughout the year) 3)Head-3 to 4 Meters 4)Pressure-1.5kg

Kindly suggest the feasibility of Micro-hydro turbines. Our requirement is to supply to the lighting loads within 1kW.Would like to receive a budgetary offer for the installation if possible.”