Gold mining (extraction and marketing)

related country: Nigeria
related country: Nigeria


I am a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of both the Institutions of Civil and Structural Engineers, London.

Since retiring in 2009 after 20 years with a major UK consultant, I have become involved with several charities, including RedR and EWB-UK where I am part of the Professional Network and an Innovations Hub consultant.

One of the projects I have been involved with is the design and setting up of a Farmers' Market in Ogun State Nigeria for an international charity registered in London that focuses on industrial and commercial projects providing development aid to local communities, mainly in Anglophone countries in Africa. Recently, my contact there has been approached by a a local enterprise in Niger State, Nigeria, seeking help with the mining of a gold ore reserve, for which it has recently acquired the extraction rights.

A geological and mineral survey has been done and core samples have been analysed by Bureau Veritas.

The manager of the enterprise would like to talk to someone who is experienced in gold mining and sales about whether it can start small on its own or would need an investor/financier because of the high cost that may be involved (preferably not a Chinese or Indian investor).

If you can and would like to help, on a pro bono basis initially, we should love to hear from you!




What scale are you talking about? I have an aquaintance who is a small scale gold miner in the Yukon (Canada) but as he runs his own show he may have a pretty good top level understanding about how it works. let me know if you want me to put you intouch.

Orlando Avis gravatar imageOrlando Avis ( 2015-10-06 17:08:09 )