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Concrete foundation in water

related country: Philippines
related country: Philippines

What is the optimum design for the concrete foundation to be poured for 2 storey wooden building (3,5x3,5m - 6m tall). Ground is sand and ground water is at 40cm. The building has 6 posts that sit on 8 outer concrete foundation and 1 central one.


Dear Ronja, Thank you for your question. Could you confirm the use of the building ie accommodation or workshop with heavy equipment so we can confirm likely loading. From your query I believe it will be light usage. Also I am not clear on how the 6 posts sit on 8 external foundations, do two posts have 2 foundations? Any layout info, sketch or other would be very helpful. If you are unable to attach it perhaps you could use the knowledgepoint email so we can help . Many thanks Redr TSS

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2015-03-06 17:43:48 )

1 Answer

Giles Waley

Comment: It would be useful to know: how much water level varies (including flood condition that may apply) and what technology is available locally to install foundations into the ground (e.g. piled suppports)