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Bottle brick housing in Tanzania

Andy stephens
related country: Tanzania
related country: Tanzania

We have a local team seeking to build a pilot of a plastic bottle brick house in Dar es Salaam. We are looking for expertise from anyone who has done this before and may be able to give specific guidance on the technical requirements for a house with two bedroomed, kitchen and toilet supporting a currugated iron sheet roof.

We have been offered more plastic bottles than we need, have a site and a very deserving recipients whose home in a different location was washed away by extreme flooding. We have a group of volunteers on the ground with experience in traditional building. We have many of the general manuals online. We've seen the clips of similar builds in Nigeria, Peru and India. We would value a technical mentor on this work.

It seems this would be a first here and there could be good opportunities to scale it up.

2 Answers

Rémi Kaupp

You should get in touch with CCI Tanzania, they work on housing (by working directly with slum dwellers) and have tried diverse materials so far. Contact details on or Facebook (this page or that one)


Hi - we have lots of information on the practicalities of this - take a look at our free to download toolkit available here:

And specific How To sheets on building with plastic bottles (we call them eco-bricks) here: