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there's a useful guide to figure out how much energy you can get here:

Recall that energy will be required to pump the water up the well so that it can run down the hill and generate electricity.

Reading the post it would be useful to know: - what is the rating of the diesel generators? - what are the priority loads? For example, are there medicines to be chilled, food to be stored? What's the relative priority of 'phone charging, light and cooking over air-conditioning?

The stirling engine will have the same issues as PV panels, and since it also has moving parts it'll have maintenance needs too. PV panels need not be expensive, they're easy to install and they need less maintenance than a diesel generator. Installing them in a pole or on a roof is not that difficult and then you have fewer issues with distribution of the energy and voltage drop from your generating point. A 100W system is about US100 so with 2,000 customers the cost of the solar panels is less than the annual cost of the diesel. Then perhaps you can balance when the diesel runs versus when you rely on the solar