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My experience is limited - one coral atoll in the Indian ocean but here are a few thoughts. My guess is that much will depend on: • the salinity of the water • the latitude • what is available locally. My memory is that you do not want the water to become too saline otherwise the water does not evaporate so easily, but on the other hand too much water being added cools everything down - I suspect that there is a lot of discussion somewhere between batch and continuous processes....

As a starting point I would tilt the glass to the same as the latitude so that the midday sun went straight through - but increase this if the water drops did not run down to the pane. Optimal distance - instinct would be to keep this small consistent with being able to drain the water off the glass

Width of glass? Not sure if this is thickness or panel size - my guess would be to use the largest and thickest available easily - largest to be efficient, thickest to have some chance that accidents did not happen (i.e. window rather than picture glass) gives some pictures at least to scale off.

Tim Foster