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Trichloroisocyanuric Acid products by Allchem, Clearon, GE, Medentech, Occidental and Shikoku appear to be listed as NSF certified drinking water chemicals under NSF/ANSI 60 (

That of course doesn't say much about "Clean Pool 90". I personally wouldn't use any proprietary chemical that wasn't specifically intended for drinking water treatment & certified by a competent and relevant authority as such. Even if pure TCCA is an acceptable disinfectant, you need to ask what fillers, stabilisers and other chemicals are included in "Clean Pool 90". There is also a possibility that their TCCA production process could result in inappropriate byproducts. The formulation for a chemical intended for pool water use is likely to be much less stringent than for one intended for direct human consumption.

I think the certification of these other TCCA's under NSF/ANSI 60, and the size of your potential market hopefully will give the manufacturers of "Clean Pool 90" or other TCCA's available to you sufficient motivation to go for some form of potable water certification if they do believe their product is wholesome.