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500kW micro-hydro system in Rwanda

I'm looking at the operating costs of a 500kW micro hydro system in Rwanda. No site yet so I can't predict the installation cost with any accuracy. I'll average the figures you have quoted.

I also need to get a feel for the operating costs including regular maintenance, life of key components, replacement costs, decommissioning costs etc of these systems. Then I'll be able to predict the total life cost of the installation. Do you have any information relating to the maintenance etc of these systems?

Similarly, I'm also looking at the total cost of ownership of other similar capacity renewable systems including Solar & wind. Would you be able to offer any information on these systems too?

Any information you could send would be gratefully received.

For your information I'm working on behalf of a Pharmaceutical company who are looking to set up a drugs distribution facility there. Other aspects I'll be looking at will be an over provision of electrical capacity that may be used to benefit the wider community or feedback in to the grid (if available). That's further down the line though.