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Bathing and laundry good practice

I am currently developing some training on personal hygiene and am searching for good (and not so good) examples of bathing facilities and laundry points, especially in humanitarian contexts. Apart from the UNICEF designs and the work by OXFAM in Pakistan, does anybody else have some case studies that they want to show off!

Thanks in advance Brian Reed

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I am just rambling on. Therefore, forgive me if I am way off: I found one study that points out toward "excessive sediment loading" done by: Authors: Gichana, Zipporah, Njiru, Murithi, Raburu, Phillip Okoth, and Masese, Frank Onderi; all from Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Eldoret, Eldoret Kenya. Their article title is "Effects of human activities on benthic macroinvertebrate community composition and water quality in the upper catchment of the Mara River Basin, Kenya" published in Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management. Jun2015, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p128-137 (10p). This is a very thorough detailed study and points out the interacting mechanisms. Can simple sediment traps, e.g., rock check-dams, strawbales, etc. be of help along with periodic stream restoration. Even pacing out the bathing/washing period and spaces among the population, so, a significant load does not enter the stream all at once. There was also a study in the U.S. that by placing multiple in-sequence properly graded check-dams can reduce the sediments significantly.


Thanks for this Mohavi. I am more interested in the laundry and bathing facilities themselves at the moment. Simple soakaways can cope with most of the grey water produced if it's not too excessive. However you may be interested in this new publication about controlling surface water runoff. The pollution from unmanaged road runoff or open defecation is often worse than small amounts of grey water but it can cause problems if left unmanaged

Brian Reed gravatar imageBrian Reed ( 2019-12-11 11:27:48 )