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Humanitarian Security Management Training Program Comparison

related country: United States of America


I am curious as to any humanitarian security professional's views of various humanitarian security management training courses available online and in person. In particular, I am considering the following courses, and curious as to the differential return on investment/utility in the field.

Security Management for Humanitarians (In-Person, Offered by REDR)-

NGO Security Management (Online, Offered by EVOSEC)

Field Security Management/Remote Security Management Courses (Online-Via REDR Mission Ready Platform)

Some context: I am an ex-Military Officer, with time overseas in both conflict and non-conflict security management roles. I am currently pursuing a masters in international relations with a certificate in humanitarian assistance, and hope to work in NGO security following graduation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

1 Answer


To provide you with an understanding of the RedR courses you mentioned. Our Mission Ready online course is designed to give an understanding of the concepts and processes required for managers who have a security management function within humanitarian organisations, achieved through decision making video simulations. Our 5-day face-to-face course is also designed to help those working in a security function in humanitarian organisations by providing an understanding of how to conduct security management within humanitarian organisations. It covers the basic concepts of security management as well as the practicalities of applying this within the humanitarian sector. However, this course is more intensive as well as immersive, providing those on the course the ability to learn through shared experiences. Both of these courses are aimed at those managing security in the field, both security specialists and others such as project managers, providing the foundation for successful implementation. Regards, Alexander – RedR Global Security Manager