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Spring well design for Southern Sudan


Do you have a standard spring well design that can be used in southern Sudan? I intend to capture the spring that is coming out of the ground. I am also looking at a protected water collection point in a stream. Of course digging a well to 20m would give better quality water. However it is relatively more expensive compared to protecting a natural spring. Any information and recommendations that you can give will be very much appreciated.

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Just to make two points: 1. A surface spring does not mean that a hand-dug well will be successful at that location (or even slightly up-stream). Springs can occur in geological conditions unfavourable to hand-dug wells. 2. Even if the formation were favourable, you might find it very difficult to dig a 20m well there, even with caissoned well rings and mechanical dewatering. 3. One issue in Southern Sudan is whether the spring is used just for people or also for watering animals. This should be allowed for in the design, or the needs of the animals will take precedence. Regards, John


You may be interested in

There is a publication 'Small Projects Training Manual, Volume II, Water Supply" authored by M and R Guoth-Gumberger which was published in1987 by the Sudan Council of Churches for the Mukini Water and Sanitation Project Sudan which has a section on spring protection but I don't know how you could access it.

Regards, Brian


I probably cannot add much to the fact sheet that Toby has sent you on spring protection except to say that springs are generally pretty clean sources if they are captured when they emerge from ground and animals and people are kept from polluting it. Regards, Martin

Safe Water Strategy

You can download the publication mentioned by Brian "Small Projects Training Manual, Volume II, Water Supply" authored by M and R Guoth-Gumberger from the IRC WASH Library at:

See also the Akvopedia entry on Springwater collection