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Can you please help Swithun on off-grid photo voltaic micro grids?

Ahana Shrestha
Practical Action
related country: Sweden

She is writing a masters thesis on control and protection strategies for off-grid photo voltaic micro grids, the motivation being the elimination of all control and protection challenges associated with electrification of remote areas. To fully implement the study, she needs a test network to perform simulations on. She is look for information that had any projects which were along her thesis path line. If yes, kindly assist her in both the network and generation plan. In addition, any other information, contacts and links that might be useful.

1 Answer

Harriette Purchas

A response from Richard Blanchard who sent me this email to your question:

To my mind a correctly designed and installed micro grid, that follows the Standards for control and protection should not have any challenges. However in my experience this is not always the case. Installers may forget something eg earthing. There could be issues of non standard components too. Getting trained installers and having systems approved by a competent authority is the main challenge.

Kind regards Harriette (RedR)