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I am in a situation with low water availability, what sanitation options can I use?


This is a question that I've been asked in the field so I wanted to share it with everyone on KnowledgePoint

1 Answer


Here are some options for a dry area that cover the entire sanitation service chain. Collection –Storage – Conveyance – treatment – Use/disposal Collection / Storage options

Dry toilet
Urine Diversion Toilet Shallow Trench latrine
Single /double Vault UDDT
Container based Toilet
Chemical Toilet
Deep Trench Latrines Borehole Latrine Twin Pit System

Pre- Treatment

Lime Treatment Urea Treatment Lactic Acid Treatment
Caustic SodaTreatment

Manual Emptying

Treatment Vermi-composting

Disposal / reuse

Application of stored urine Application of dried faeces Application of Pit Humus
Fill and cover