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Why is economic strengthening component important in HIV programmes especially in promoting adherence to treatment of the beneficiaries once they exit the programme?

related country: Cameroon
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related country: Cameroon


This is a question that I've been asked in the field so I wanted to share it with everyone on KnowledgePoint


I am sure that you are familiar with Mandy Swann but just in case. It seems that is her area of specialty for the past few years: Some of her publications are: Economic strengthening for HIV testing and linkage to care: a review of the evidence in AIDS Care (AIDS CARE), 2018 Supplment; 30: 85-98. (14p). Below is an excerpt from her abstract about Household Economic Strengthening (HES): "The evidence linking HES with a range of HIV outcomes is growing, and this evidence review aimed to comprehensively synthesize the research linking 15 types of HES interventions with a range of HIV prevention and treatment outcomes."

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Importance of economic strengthening component is relevant

  1. It builds confidence and sense of Hope which is also relevant adherence to treatment requires a positive outlook to life and sense of responsibility.

  2. It is useful for strengthening time management and this is relevant for any disease that has scope for discrimination, which can pull one towards being with self and forgetting positive aspects of time management.

  3. It helps in improving interaction with others and build social networks and this in dealing with HIV and its management.

  4. HIV always carries with it the scope for discrimination, as most people and communities have not evolved to deal with their own myths and fears. Hence, economic strengthening component, will give the person skills needed to deal with tough times..