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How much does a solar submersible pump cost in Nairobi, Kenya?

duncan ngotho
related country: Kenya
Nausheen Hasan
related country: Kenya

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Duncan, that depends very much on the type of pump, the flow rate and the head. To give you an idea for a submersible pump with a 10 l/s flow rate and a 30m head a pump would cost about 7000 Euro, solar cell or PV would be around 11,000 Euro including the mounting structure. These are prices from Lorentz pumps in Germany which we got for a project in Ghana, so shipping, cables, pipes and installation cost are not included in these costs. The Lorentz PS-pump types are specially made for solar power supply. Another pump brand that you could check is Grundfos and their SQ range of pumps are also suited for use with Solar/PV cells. You should check with the local agents of the various pump brands in Kenya to a more accurate price.


Locally we have the Future Pump, a solar powered irrigation pump that has a pumping head of 10m and costs about Ksh 68,000. for more details visit

Jechoniah Kitala gravatar imageJechoniah Kitala ( 2017-11-01 07:53:06 )
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