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WASH in-country importers and distributors


Looking for household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) importers and distributors in countries like Tanzania, Madagascar, India, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.

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Hello Lgll,

These are three films on both low cost low-tech and hi-tech solutions that may be of use to be aware of for some of the differing climatic conditions. There are many other solutions on Youtube.

Best wishes,

Peter J Hughes


Hello Lgll Thankyou for your query. Could you clarify the supply of water ie where is comes from and how it is delivered to the household. I appreciate this may vary hugely considering the diversity of locations.

I know of a sache that has been used to purify water in the home in certain situations, although I believe that may be for 'short term' use in humanitarian situations. I will check previous queries or perhaps some of our WASH experts can confirm or clarify if possible for such a wide area.

I hope this helps and I will repost if I find anything, likewise perhaps you could do the same! Best wishes


Redr member and knowledgepoint administrator.

Hi Again, Please see the following Query : Chlorine Solution on the Knowledgepoint website, dated 4th April, it may also help in addition to the above links. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or you if you have a more specific query. Best wishes Pauline

Also check out this on You Tube : 10.000 liters of water a day from the fog in Lima, Peru


Hi Pauline and Peter,

Many thanks for your answers.

Our technology is a ceramic tablet embedded with silver. It is an all-natural, easy to use and cost effective solution - each tablet last for six months and disinfects 10 liters of drinking water each day. This will provide an entire family with safe drinking water for less than 5 cents a day.

We are currently looking for social entrepreneurs in the WASH sector who'd be interested in adding our product to their portfolio. I would really appreciate if you'd have any further names or contacts you could share. Please, don't hesitate to get back to me if you'd want any additional information.

Bruce W. Clemens

First of all, I would try to avoid importing any technology into Mexico or Guatemala. Even Guatemala has engineers that will gladly design LOCAL treatment systems. While the local systems cannot provide 1 micron treatment, they will be maintained and far less costly than first world solutions. I know that Ing. Carlos Simon at Agua del Pueblo in Xela Guatemala is preparing a prototype. Regretfully, Carlos only speaks Quiche and Spanish. I'd be happy to help translate. Carlos' e-mail is I know that Water Mission already imports their treatment units into Honduras. I would still prefer it to be designed and manufactured in-country. Good luck!!! Lemme know if I can help...


What kind of water treatment products do you want to distribute?