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Boreholes in southern Sierra Leone

Peggy Simson Soroptimist International
related country: Sierra Leone
related country: Sierra Leone

Having seen the answer regarding the project in Rwanda, could I ask if anyone at all is working in Sierra Leone to provide drinking water? We have a rural school in Moyamba District where the children are drinking the lake water - which of course is where everything is dumped.

We are a small charity, Kori Development Project, which works in the Kori District of Moyamba, Sierra Leone. Our main project, a library in Taiama, is almost complete and now we have a small rural school about seven miles from Taiama which is desperately poor but because the teacher is so good, many more children are arriving. There is no clean water in the village and we would like to get a borehole and pump so the 150 kids could at least drink clean water. Any advice warmly welcome.


Originally posted here; @Sean_RWSN suggested trying Engineers Without Borders

KnowledgePointAdmin gravatar imageKnowledgePointAdmin ( 2016-02-19 15:21:15 )

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Two individuals who know the drilling sector well in Sierra Leone are Dotun Adekile ( and Kerstin Danert ( Dotun is a hydrogeologist based in Nigeria. Kerstin directs the Rural Water Supply Network from a base in Switzerland. They were involved in training drillers in Sierra Leone. Feel free to contact either of them - they are very helpful people!

1 might be willing and able to help, great people.

Harriette Purchas

Peggy, I'm not sure what advice you are seeking other than finance for installing a borehole. I would agree with the suggestion that you approach Engineers Without Borders to see if you can get technical support from them for this project. There are local drilling contractors in Sierra Leone who will be able to survey the area and drill but I would advise that you use a qualified engineer/hydrogeologist to lead and supervise this to ensure that money isn't wasted drilling in dry areas and that the borehole is developed effectively. In the meantime I will pass on your 'question' to a few contacts. Kind regards Harriette

Russell Crawford

If you are interested in drilling a well locally, you may use my U.S. Patented drilling tool for free. Just go to this youtube video and view the method in action. Then follow the link and go to my site or go to and get a free license.