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Door to door selling and progress of Flapper / Sato pan ?

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related country: Malawi
related country: Malawi

We were considering sending out some door to door salespeople (and we have a few already) but they are not doing particularly well...I'm not totally convinced that we've any really excellent salespeople just yet though so I haven't given up on it as an idea.

Is this strategy working elsewhere?


N - SSG seem to be making this work. Not sure why they are not answering - I will push

Steven Sugden gravatar imageSteven Sugden ( 2015-05-22 13:24:03 )

2 Answers

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Hi Nic,

I think you previously mentioned to me that your salespeople are on a salary? You'll need to incentivise them better to make more sales. SSG currently has a team of 8 salespeople, and they only receive their salary after selling 3 or more dura san stances per month. They also receive a commission of 7% of whatever they sell, whether it be pit emptying, durasan, upgrades, or pans.

As a result, we have a high turn over of sales people, and unless new sales people are required to sell a durasan or upgrade after 2 months, otherwise they are out!

Basically the sales structure is based on incentivising the team to go out and sell the more profitable - but difficult to sell - products.


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