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Tibetan Mountains conditions - insulation of pipes for water and waste

Hannah Simcoe-Read
related country: China
related country: China

We are looking for an expert who has worked in high altitude , low temperature and has successfully managed to insulate pipes and underground tanks.We are working with Perma Pipe

I need advise on the freezing point and insulation capabilities of Palm oil. We intend to encase a butyl membrane tank into another tank made out of several layers of specialist light weight Wood composite material and have these filled with Palm oil.

Our own Sanitation /Chemical Engineers is stuck in Iraq.

2 Answers


Why soak it in palm oil? Why not leave the light weight wood dry, with interstitial air, and air tight?

EWB USA Energy

The cloud point of palm oil is reported in the 16-17 C range. At this temperature the oil begins to form solid waxy particles and if only slightly cooler the oil will not pour. I noted palm cooking oil distributed as food ration being too solid to dispense at daytime temperatures even in the lowlands of Nepal in February. So basically if palm oil gets below the 15-17 C range consider it to be a solid.

Now the rest of your question is unclear. Are you trying to store palm oil in insulated tanks to prevent it gelling? Or are you trying to use the gelling as a way to stabilize temperatures of a tank by using the palm oil as a phase change agent?

I hope this provides some help, but please clarify your question to allow folks here to help you.