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Tippy taps being stolen

related country: Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
related country: Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

Received this question from a INGO staff member in the DRC, sent in via our US office.

"Our team are using tippy taps and beneficiaries do like them. However, their neighbours steal the plastic jerrycans. They block the holes and use them for all kinds of other uses. The only idea I have really come up with is to write something on the jerrycans. Are there other ideas out there?"

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With this limited information, all I can say is - why are they using jerry cans for the tippy taps? Or is this the right word as a jerrycan seems to be a bit odd given that it is 20 litres, so I am assuming they are using a 5 litre bottle usually recycled from vegetable oil. Either way, I would say that one option would be to look for what other containers would be available locally that are perhaps smaller and less useful to others for water carrying, and to use these.


I agree it would be good to have fuller description of the ' tippy taps', they could be small bags used for handwashing - but then 'jerrycans' implies not.

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2015-09-09 12:35:23 )

They could also try installing wielded tippy-taps. If not possible, dismantling the tippy tap at night then reassembling it every morning.