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Who has a good schematic (open access) to show the spread of waterborne diseases?

Elisabeth von Muench


Does anyone have a good schematic (open access) to show the spread of waterborne diseases? I am asking because I want to include it here in the Wikipedia article on waterborne diseases:

Another editor had proposed this one:

But I rejected that one because it's very old and Europe centric. It makes it seem like it's a problem from the 1930s that we've long overcome... The schematic itself is actually not bad, but I would like to have a more current one.

I am only interested in open access schematics, meaning under a licence of CC BY SA (otherwise it cannot be used in a Wikipedia article).



P.S. This is my first question on Knowledge Point. I am normally more active on the SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) discussion forum ( but thought I would try this out here. I believe it's for short questions and answers, not for more detailed discussions.

3 Answers

Elisabeth von Muench

I like to "close the loop" on things, so just wanted to tell you that I got in touch with Sandy Davis from CAWST (thanks to the hint by Kris) and she was able to send me the images that I was looking for. The best thing: they are open access (CC-BY SA). But they are not easy to find on their website, as they don't have an image library yet (my suggestion is to use flickr as an image library).

Anyway, you can see three of these images of CAWST now here on flickr:

And you can see them being used in several Wikipedia pages:


Hello Elisabeth ;)

Did you have a look at the CAWST resources: ?

They are all CC-By or CC-By-SA as far as I know.


Hi Kris, Thanks for pointing out the CAWST resources. Great that they are open access. I browsed through their resources but couldn't find what I was looking for. Perhaps I didn't use the right search methods. Or I might have to ask someone at CAWST directly.

It actually makes me wonder whether we shouldn't ask them if some of their materials should also be in the SuSanA library, by the way (

Elisabeth von Muench gravatar imageElisabeth von Muench ( 2015-07-01 08:25:37 )


One of the best schematic you can find, in my opinion, is WEDC F-diagram: it is simple and visualize the transmission route of faecal-oral diseases, along with the barriers and type of interventions to prevent their transmission.

It does not cover all water borne disease, but it's a good start. WEDC also offers a free library on WASH, where you may find other posters of the kind.


Dear Olmo, Thanks for your hint. Yes, the F-Diagram is great. I used an F-Diagram already in the Wikipedia page on fecal-oral transmission of disease:

But here, I am looking for something that shows how groundwater is contaminated by pit latrines and how others use this groundwater from a well.

I couldn't find this kind of schematic in the WEDC posters and schematics either.

Has someone seen such a schematic recently?

Elisabeth von Muench gravatar imageElisabeth von Muench ( 2015-07-01 08:27:54 )

Elisabeth - look at Argoss - think that's what you are looking for...

Brian Reed gravatar imageBrian Reed ( 2015-08-21 18:25:25 )


Just found this - more general than the F-diagram

Brian Reed gravatar imageBrian Reed ( 2015-08-21 18:32:09 )