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Collection of monthly tariffs - Innovative Water Payment Strategies

I am an adviser to a small NGO doing community-based gravity-fed water systems in the northern mountains of Nicaragua called Water for Waslala (WFW). I have been in touch with the organization for many years and have seen it grow from an idea to its current stage, hoping to take their work to the next level.

They are currently trying to solve the ubiquitous problems associated with collection and enforcement of monthly tariffs from beneficiaries of gravity-fed water systems. I gave them my advice and some additional leads, but was wondering if you might have any contacts with experience implementing innovative strategies for water payment collection? Or perchance someone with data showing success rates of various strategies?

I have attached a Backgrounder and Problem Statement that has been developed by WFW, which explains the problems and specific questions that WFW staff have. If you or anyone that comes to mind could provide a response to the questions, I know it would be much appreciated. Just having finished talking with WFW, they said it would be great as well if you could possibly distribute the attached document to your mailing list of relevant RedR members around the world who respond to technical queries.

Questions for Advisory Committee

 What ideas do you have, or what solutions have you seen other organizations implement, that could address some of the technical or organizational causes of tariff delinquency WfW faces for its completed gravity-fed projects?

 How do other organizations structure the collection of tariffs from customers in more rural settings? Should Water for Waslala’s water system leaders consider another means of collecting tariffs instead of doing so via monthly community meetings?

 Are you aware of any WASH sector data on tariff delinquency rates for completed community- level water systems, aggregated by urban, peri-urban and rural settings or geographic regions of the world, that we could use for benchmarking purposes?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


1 Answer

Safe Water Strategy

You might want to check this list of documents on revenue collection from the IRC WASH Library -