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How do I help schools build toilets, handwashing points in secondary aided schools of Mumbai?


3 Answers

Alex Ndama


You need to know the responsible authorities on WASH in schools in that country/state, then get the approved designs from them (if they exist) or get understanding on what are their plans on WASH in schools (Get the baseline information first). From there, you can continue with your proposal on improving WASH in schools.


Are there any learning from India... I think Water Aid works in India as well. if I am not mistaking. Many thanks though for your quick revert.

Anand S. More gravatar imageAnand S. More ( 2015-05-29 06:14:02 )
Ruth Haynes

Hello. Who do you work for? What is the size and scope of the project? One school, many schools? What is your budget and what skills do you have available?

The starting point would be to develop the brief, possibly with a design team (Eng, Arch, Builder) in place.

You'll be needing to plan water supply, waste removal and treatment and then building design. You might be able to put foul waste into existing drainage or you might have to sort out local waste treatment, by using simple reed bed style technology.


I am part of the foundation (Kotak Education Foundation) working with Aided Secondary schools in Mumbai sub-urban areas. We work with 30 schools amongst them 12 schools are in precipitating need of good sanitation infrastructure. We wish to help all 12 schools irrespective of investment, required. Unfortunately there is no one solution fit all, kind of school building we have need really some solid engineering solutions to help them construct toilets and handwashing points. Need some solutions on water purifier which runs without electricity, as well... please help...

Anand S. More gravatar imageAnand S. More ( 2015-05-29 06:12:07 )

@Anand S. More, many thanks indeed for your posts.

You mention above that the engineering solutions required are specific to each school and context. If you can identify specific issues, please feel free to post these individually as new questions by clicking Ask a question.

KnowledgePointAdmin gravatar imageKnowledgePointAdmin ( 2015-05-29 10:09:32 )

Not knowing where in the project you may be, let me suggest that the first thing is to develop "appreciation for sanitation". You need to get people to "value" what you want to do. Otherwise the poor results will disappoint you.

Some type of "community involvement" is necessary. Let the community help you develop the plan. Let the community help develop the solution and feel it is THEIR solution.

Here is a methodology that may help you:

The mechanics of the solution are the easy part. Hope this helps, and I hope you are past this point already. In which case we can start talking about solutions, from "arborloos" all the way to "urine separation", and "flushing toilets". 'nando


Many thanks for your quick insights and link. Interesting stuff. We will certainly use some of the suggestions listed in the handbook. Space is a big issue in urban slum schools, where we are wanting to construct toilets and we will be really happy to know more about any solution, forum has for us.

Anand S. More gravatar imageAnand S. More ( 2015-05-29 06:02:46 )