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Is it possible to hygienically turn diapers, ladies' higienic towels, and soiled toilet paper into diesel fuel?


A question from Alberto: I would like to build a fully automated pyrolysis plant to process tires. Ideally the plant should be of the continuous operation type, and to a scale of 100 metric tons of tires per day. If the plant can also process urban organic waste and urban plastic waste, great. It it cannot be that versatile, then I won't mind building three separate plants, or separate portions for the initial part of the processing to deal with plastic and other urban organic waste. By Urban organic waste, I mean fragments of vegetables and fruits from market and households, restaurant leftovers, fast-food dirty paper waste, and soiled paper towels, and even used paper, cardboard and kraft paper. Other special feed which I would eventually want to process is wood (shipping containers and pallets, miscellaneous wood crates from fruit containers, etc.), leather tanning refuse (hair, leather fragments, miscellaneous organic substances), and refuse from hairdresser shops (hair, nails, swabs, etc.) Is it possible to higienically turn diapers, ladies' higienic towels, and soiled toilet paper into diesel fuel? What about hospital refuse? Please let me know if you can help on this project, or who to contact for support. I need somebody who understands the entire business well to back my organization in designing, costing, building and testing the plant.

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Given the high temperatures (>500°C) involved in creating pyrolysis oil (not exactly the same as diesel: ), I don't see why there could be a hygienic concern regarding to the process itself. The problems will be in transport&storage and I guess that given the high volume to low weight ratio of such waste, it will not be economic to use such material as the feedstock for a pyrolysis plant.

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