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How do you set up a cold store?

Neil Noble
related country: Nigeria
related country: Nigeria

I am looking for information on solar powered cold store designs for crop storage. A small charity from the UK which is working with a community of farmers in Nigeria is planning to introduce solar water pumping for irrigation and a solar photovoltaic powered cold store for crops for 100 small-scale farmers and for a larger farm that the charity will be supporting. Are there any guidelines for setting up a cold store and are there any organisations or companies in Nigeria that provide cold storage facilities?

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In South Sudan, we used an insulated room with a normal household aircon machine with the thermostat totally rejigged to give much lower temperatures. This basically gave us a reasonably large - about 30 m2, walk in cold store which was used to store perishable food for meals for up to 60 people twice a day.

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