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Management of menstruation hygiene in schools

Mary Allen
Practical Action
related country: Mali
related country: Mali

Reposting in English a question asked in French by M. Diarra in Mali: what modules are there for teaching and learning about menstrual hygiene in schools?

6 Answers

Rémi Kaupp

Hello Mary / M. Diarra: There is the great Menstrual Hygiene Matters which is very comprehensive and has various modules, including on work in schools. However it is not in French as far as I know, sorry!

Safe Water Strategy

A blog post on IRC's French website "Pourquoi se concentrer sur l’hygiène menstruelle ?" includes a reference to another useful (English-only) resource published by the South Africa Water Research Commission:

Growing up at school : a guide to menstrual management for school girls

Clarisse Baghnyan

Bonjour Diarra,

Il ya très peu de documents sur la gestion de l'hygiène menstruelle and français et cela rend la tâche difficile pour nous les francophones. A WaterAid nous avons unebôit à outil et du matériel de formation sur la gestion de l'hygiène menstruelle mais uniquement en version anglaise et cela ne facilite pas la tâche pour les pays francophones. J'ai demandé la traduction de ces documents et j'espère que que nous les aurons bientôt. Voici quelques liens mais ces documents sont en anglais malheureusement.

bonne suite.



WEDC resource centre might probably be a good repository


Hi Mary,

This is what we use in Tanzania. It was prepared under support of UNICEF Growth and changes booklet-Tanzania.pdf


There are other example booklets for schools that might be useful - although not yet in French - on the following website: - click on the publications link.