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Improving the quality of gates that control water flow in falaj channels in Oman

related country: Oman

We are looking at ways to improve the distribution of water in Luzugh falaj in Oman. The falaj flows under gravity 24 hours a day along either the main channel or one of the branch channels. The channels are roughly 60cm or more wide and normally carry 20-40 (or more) litres per second of water.

One problem is the gates. Opening and closing a gate should direct the water flow along the main falaj channel, or along a branch falaj channel in order to reach different groups of farms for irrigation. However, the gates in Luzugh falaj are all extremely leaky and currently exert very reduced control over the water flow.

We want to design, manufacture and install gates using materials available in Oman. The gates need to be simple, cheap to make and maintain by local people, durable, water tight and easy to open and close.

We would like to hear from anyone with good experience of controlling the flow of water through similar channel systems.

Best wishes,

Roderic Dutton

1 Answer


If you are looking for the simplest way to divert flows from one channel to another the answer is a stop log system. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any being produced in Oman or the UAE. Please look at the following link in order to get an idea of what I'm talking about.


Andy Wedgner