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Who is working in solid waste and recycling?

Hi there, A good friend of mine has recently become heavily involved a new(ish) organisation called "WasteAid" (https:// ...

4 Answers

Neil Noble
Cristian Anton
Hi Sean, Practical Action has a number of projects in solid waste management in various locations including Kenya, Sri ...

Hi Sean,

At Disaster Waste Recovery (a UK NGO) we are less focussed on development and more on post-disaster/humanitarian so if that is a possible interest then please refer to

Good luck,


Rémi Kaupp
Hello, There's a lot of people working in that... see for example for "practica ...

Hi Sean, Sandec and EPFL will launch a free online course about "Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries" in February 2016. We expect over 5'000 participants from 170 countries. The course forum might be a good place to find further contacts. More information are available on the course page:

Best regards, Fabian