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Wind Power in Rwanda

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am working in Gisovu Tea Co Ltd in Rwanda. It is situated at 2400 mtrs high up in the mountains . This area has lot of wind. We are thinking of wind energy in this area . Kindly let us have your views on this subject please.

Thanks Kind regards Surender Jhijaria


Thanks @Neil Noble, please update the enquiry by clicking 'edit' when you have any further information from Surender.

KnowledgePointAdmin gravatar imageKnowledgePointAdmin ( 2014-05-07 12:15:13 )

5 Answers


As someone who has built many wind turbines from scratch in Africa I can say that with the price of solar panels coming down, sometimes wind is not worth the extra hassle of manufacture and maintenance. If you want to go for wind, I'd advise you either buy a very high quality turbine or be prepared to acquire a new hobby as building your own will soak up a good deal of time and effort. On another note, an excellent map of global wind potential has recently been made available here:

Good luck.


Dear Surender Jhijaria,

Please find below a few questions from one of our Experts. We look forward to hearing back from you with as much information as you can give in relation to the queries below, even if it is to clarify any query.

  • *What is a brief description of the load?
  • Is the load expected to run 24/7 or is it only on for a few hours per day?
  • If wind power is used, will it be connected directly to the load or is there the ability to charge batteries?
  • Is it expected wind will be the only power source? Thanks mike*

Dear Surender,

Has the Govt of Rwanda Meteo Services got any data on wind in the area?

What size of plant are you thinking of?

What applications would you want to use the power for? (process, homes, lighting ?)

Best regards,



I have few small wind turbines low wind speed to offer, they are sitting in Kigali


I have 3 small wind turbines to offer, they are in Kigali


call me on 0032478747969

jean H gravatar imagejean H ( 2015-09-16 19:28:09 )