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Some thoughts from one of our Technical Experts to consider - suggestion is to abandon well.

Assuming fluoride concentration is mg/l and with high sodium this is unfit and would cause fluorosis if consumed for periods. Definitely out for hospital use Sounds like aquifer connected in some way to a hydrothermal plumbing system of a volcanic region or from soda lake! The only way really is RO which has been ruled out not surprisingly. The other method is distillation if a big enough solar furnace available! Again huge expense. One wonders about geological surveys in the area - any available to indicate source of fluoride and sodium? Otherwise, if levels remain high then cap the well as no good for anything really - the fluoride at that level will probably cause crop problems too if used for irrigation. Could use this water though for toilet flushing and washing etc. provided safeguards in place to prevent drinking, and mixing of this with potable water. Recommend not for boilers/autoclaves though as it will corrode them to hell and back. One last thing - high sodium and fluoride indicate this water could be very aggressive to metals (corrosion) so care needed in capping off the well or any conveying pipework/pumps/valves etc.

regards phill