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I clicked through and read the brief and I found it rather unrealistic. A first glaring issue is a proposal to build large permanent infrastructure (3 MW hydro dam) at a "camp" which is a non permanent entity by its' inherent nature.

Is it needed to providing "cooling" to 2000 houses? Aircon is hardly an essential of life. As a basic principle of providing assistance - do not create a demand where none existed previously, and which will be expensive and next to impossible to fulfill in the long term.

Solar panels (Photovoltaic) are not an alien technology and they are not that expensive. You should be planning a combination of solar panels (photovoltaic) per each household, and diesel generators (say, 350kVa self-contained units, multiple units) that can be a flexible solution which can also be moved /repurposed as future demand requires. Hydro well might not be such a good idea. The hydro cost would be many times the price of generators / solar, and could take years to get finished.