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Hi, Unfortunately your plan will not work. the energy consumed lifting the water will exceed the amount you could generate, and the flow rate for such an enterprise is very high, requiring a large scale investment, even if you had a water source at the height required.

Best suggestion: Do an energy usage survey and find what the power goes on. Many instances of power usage will be very inefficient and can be curtailed significantly though you will need to gain cooperation from the camp inhabitants to make this work, though what ever incentive you can figure out. This is a key first step to alternatively sourcing your future power.

In Iraq you have a lot of sun light, there are obvious opportunities for solar power. You may want to think in terms of small scale and very small scale, so small localities or individual dwelling level systems. These in conjunction with insulation (from both heat and cold) will work well in Iraq. Solar thermal will heat water very easily, in Iraq very low tech local fabricated systems can be produced, though you need to ensure that over heating to dangerous water temps is protected against, standard for purchased systems, not so in local fabrications. Solar electric is easier to manage and install.Doing micro systems you remove the need for central supply lines, and if at a dwelling level or small set of dwellings level, the users will protect the system from damage or theft.

There a re a lot of options with solar, the above is likely good ina refugee scenario. Good Luck