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bio generators need heat and time: heat to promote the chemical reactions, time to allow the process to run. A lot of raw material is needed for a small output.

the canal may provide small electrical output, so is there any way to leverage it? is there a lock which has a natural fall to accelerate the water?

small wind generators are available, but maximum wind will not coincide with maximum demand (in fact it may come at the worst times)

solar cells might work, especially with a UPS: the cells can charge the battery while there's grid power, and the batteries plus the cells can run loads when the grid power is off.

for something quick (and dirty!), a diesel generator is still the best hope, but it will need maintenance. Anything else will require infrastructure.

What efforts have been made to characterise the demand? For example, is there any prospect of rationing usage when the backup power is being supplied? Are there any obvious losses in the system, for example very small wires feeding large loads? Can you identify critical and non-critical loads?


Mike Ennis