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Without a lot more information it is very difficult to answer your question with anything specific.

However, it is never a good idea to develop a shelter design without reference to the context (and I don't mean 'Haiti', I mean particular site and community). The geography, local needs and choices and materials are all vital to consider. The design should respond to needs, you should not be starting with a design and then looking for a location. You would never do this in the UK, it's also totally inappropriate elsewhere.

If, as I assume you would like to, you want to help the most in need, you will not be able to avoid land issues. Doing so in a place like Haiti will just end up giving free things to landowners who are unlikely to be the poorest, unless you go somewhere really remote.

I suggest reading this: and looking at this:

You would be much better just giving the cash you have to people in Haiti, they will know better than you how to use it. Your impact will be bigger. Frankly, the time for foreign-designed basic shelters (if there ever was one) was in 2010, not in 2016.