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I'm afraid I cannot give much up to date guidance on this but when I worked for Oxfam in Burundi some 15 years ago I am pretty sure that they had one or more Del Agua kits in the office which, if they are still around, I am sure they would be willing to Martin use to run a few tests. Having said that I am sure there will be a more formal laboratory that can run the tests that he needs at the Ministry of Water or Health or some similar institution.

As he is probably aware faecal coliform counts should be zero but rarely are in rural water sources such as wells. A chlorinated town water supply would be a different matter. The big problem is that the knowledge of water quality is only the first step. The big thing is what to do next to improve the situation and that is the expensive/time consuming part!

If there is not a full scale programme of works following on from the testing or an ongoing testing regime for a piped supply, he may be able to make an educated guess as to whether there is faecal contamination from a simple sanitary inspection.

Regards RedR Expert