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Thanks to those of you who have provided advice on my question. Very helpful indeed.

It seems we will have some camps totally decommissioned, some partially decommissioned and some moved to other locations. Much of the challenge seems to be around the closure of latrines and removal of items that can be reused (like latrine slabs) and the disposal of materials (from the superstructure) that can't be reused. I have been advised elsewhere to use a 0.1% chlorine solution for disinfection of reusable materials. Rubbish pits will have to be filled in and sites restored as much as possible to their original state. As some camps were in schools latrines may be left in place to assist school WaSH and in some locations water infrastructure may be upgraded as a resource left behind for host communities. There was some guidance on decommissioning facilities in Excreta Disposal in Emergencies WEDC 2007 and I also received quite detailed guidance with respect to the decommissioning of facilities in IDP camps in Balochistan, Pakistan produced by the sub-WaSH cluster there.