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The picture here although with other emphases looks sort of like what you are describing: This idea is a bit extreme! Nice picture of a thatched roof over a container (near the bottom of the page) here:

However, I would say a local design with some guidance from your side is likely to be the best all-round solution. I would try to avoid having one big structure due to occasional very strong winds in that area - better to lose part of the shade system than all of it. If you can make both the Eastern side window shade/canopy and Western side waiting area shade separate from the over-container shade then you should get less overall damage in strong winds.
Having a double skinned with interstitial airflow approach always help reduce the temperatures but well maintained single layer thatching is very good all round. In S Kivu there may be a tradition of making roofing tiles? There is in Rwanda (even if much reduced by the 'ban' on cutting down trees). These provide a heavyweight option that is quieter in the rain than cgi sheeting but you always get some leakage/drips which if mud is used to bed the tiles can be a bit mucky. I like James's approach - get the local people involved, have a couple of sessions with them and bash some ideas into shape.

All the best with this.